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Tubbenden Primary School

Tubbenden Primary School

Introducing Tubbenden’s Curriculum Drivers!

 In order for our curriculum to further flourish, we decided as a school that having key threads running through our topics as a backbone to how and what we teach was essential.  These would ‘drive’ learning forwards and become the ‘drivers’ for Tubbenden’s creative curriculum.

 After a thorough consultation with children, staff, parents and governors, we decided on three main drivers for our exciting curriculum and they are…

 BLP           Wider Learning            Creativity

 BLP - Building Learning Power is a continuing and important focus for us here at Tubbenden.  The importance of being resilient, resourceful, reciprocal and reflective at school and beyond cannot be underestimated and the way our topics are planned and the outcomes for the children will heavily reflect this.


Wider Learning - In today’s global world, it is so important to feel we are part of a local, national and international community – this is where the Wider Learning Driver plays its part.  Children will learn about the world around them and through the world around them.  With Tubbenden’s extensive grounds, excellent location for links to London and a fantastic community with a wealth of expertise to offer and share, the children’s learning cannot fail to go from strength to strength!


Creativity - Creativity was high on everyone’s list as a skill to harness and nurture, and an effective way through which to learn and apply understanding.  ‘Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it's produced the most extraordinary results in human culture’ believes Ken Robinson, author and education advisor. And we believe it here at Tubbenden, too!