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Tubbenden Primary School

Tubbenden Primary School

Governor Profiles

Colette Mohamed


Colette Mohamed, Chair

Link role: Pupil, Parent and Community

I am a firm believer in high quality learning for all and in helping others play to their strengths (regardless of age). I have over 15 years leadership experience in organisational change and am a recognised HR and Communications professional.  I currently work as a senior leader in the public sector.  I am a mum to three girls (year 2, Reception and one who will be at Tubbenden in the future).


Richard Batchelor

Richard Batchelor

Link role: Achievement and Curriculum

I have been actively involved in education since 1974 as a teacher, deputy head and, for 20 years, Headteacher of St Mark’s CE Primary School in Bromley. I have also been a Senior Education Adviser in Bromley and, for 3 years a School Improvement Adviser. I have been a governor of primary schools since 1985 and was a governor of a secondary school for 6 years. I am glad to bring this experience to Tubbenden Primary.


Alan Bloodworth

Alan Bloodworth

Link role: Risk and Training

I was elected as a parent governor in April 2015 and Co-opted Governor in February 2019.  I passionately believe that all children should find enjoyment at school whilst realizing their true potential.  I’m a huge supporter of creativity and for children to maintain this throughout their school journey. As a Board Director and Marketing Consultant for 15 years, I bring leadership and strategic thinking to positively support the school and all of its pupils achieve success.


Kevin Liu

Kevin Liu

Link Role: Resources

Leading large teams in a complex engineering setting, I bring an ability to understand people and drive the right outcomes to ensure our school not only succeeds academically, but provides the right environment for our children to grow into well rounded individuals.  With 2 boys spending a combined 9yrs at Tubbenden to look forward to, I want to give our children the best possible start.


Malcom Ming

Malcolm Ming

Link role: Safeguarding, SEN, LAC, Pupil Premium and Young Carers

I have many years’ experience in adult education in a senior management role and have recently started a new career as a primary school teacher. In my role as parent governor, I am using all the skills and experience I have in this sector to help strategically steer Tubbenden Primary School to provide the absolute best for the children. I feel strongly that the early primary educational years are the most important in forming a solid foundation for a child's development.


Katherine Soole

Katharine Soole

Link Role: Sports Premium

At home I am a mum to three boys, two are already at Tubbenden and my youngest is due to start in September. At work I am an accomplished Senior Workforce Planning Leader, with a background in delivering data driven HR. As a governor I hope to bring the best of both of these to the help create an environment where the pupils at Tubbenden develop a growth mindset, constantly evolving their skills and experiences to enhance their future lives and possess the agility to move keep moving forward in an ever changing world.

The Senior Leadership Team - made up of the Head of School, Deputy Head and School Business Manager – also attend the governing body meetings.