Tubbenden Primary School

School Council News

 One of the extra-curricular activities at Tubbenden Primary School is the School Council. This is made up of two representatives per class, from Years two to six. Children in Year one join are invited to join from the summer term. We meet every other week during Thursday lunchtime and the children have an opportunity to discuss any issues that have been raised by their peers, such as a need for certain equipment on the playground or new ideas for lunches. The School Council meets to debate these issues, prioritise them, and discuss how they can make a positive change in the school.

At the beginning of the year, the school council decide via a vote upon a charity to support for the year. Alongside this, the school council organises charity events throughout the year and actively encourages others to do so. To keep the school up to date with their progression, the representatives hold an assembly to discuss any current and future plans for events.

This year, the School Council has chosen to support Magic Breakfast, a registered charity aiming to end hunger as a barrier to education in UK schools through the provision of healthy breakfasts to children living with food insecurity. So far, the School Council has organised a Change for Change day fund raising event and has plans for raising more money for this very worthwhile cause.

The School Council is also working hard to ensure that Tubbenden Primary School is recycling as much as possible. They have recently raised money to purchase crisp recycling bins. The School Council representatives are passionate about making Tubbenden Primary School an environment in which equity is promoted as much as possible. A ‘Cultural Art’ display is being worked upon and skin tone plasters are being introduced to all first aid kits across the school.

This is a great opportunity for the children to practise their communication skills and include the children in making the school an even better place.

Junior Travel Ambassadors

We have three new Year 5 Junior Travel Ambassadors this year at Tubbenden Primary School. They have been working hard with the support of the school council to raise awareness of safe travel and to encourage healthier travel. So far, the JTAs have helped to organise competitions to raise awareness of the illegal use of e-scooters, the importance of wearing safety helmets when riding bikes and scooters and the benefits of actively travelling to school. The JTAs have also been encouraging safer parking around school. The team will continue to promote travel safety and the importance of active travel for the rest of the year through more competitions, assemblies, newsletter contributions and more.