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Tubbenden Primary School

Tubbenden Primary School

SEN Information

Inclusion Manager: Mrs M Hughes

Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO): Mrs M Hughes

Head of Unit: Mrs O Fowler

Head Teacher: Mrs B Bruce

SEN Governor: Mr G Boyd

Class teacher:

He /she is responsible for:

  • Universal high quality teaching including adapting the curriculum to respond to strengths and needs of all pupils, differentiation, personalised learning plans, individual specialist resources. Regularly working with parents/carers and pupils to review the progress and plan next steps.
  • Following the school’s SEN policy.

Please see Tubbenden’s SEND policy on the school website. Our staff are committed to meeting the requirements of the SEND Code of Practice 2014.

If you have concerns about your child you should speak to their class teacher first. You may then be directed to Miss Carney (Head of Unit) or the Inclusion Manager/SENCO (Mrs Hughes).

The SENCO and Unit Manager:

We are responsible for:

  • Coordinating provision for children with SEND and developing the school’s SEND policy
  • Identifying barriers to learning and putting support and interventions in place to overcome these
  • Ensuring that home and school have opportunity to work together to provide the best outcomes for the pupils
  • Promoting an ethos of Inclusion throughout the school
  • Liaising with a range of agencies outside of school who can offer advice and support to help pupils overcome any difficulties.
  • Providing specialist advice and facilitating training to ensure that all staff are skilled and confident about meeting a range of needs. 

The Inclusion Manager (SENCO):

She is responsible for:

The day-to-day management of all aspects of the school, including the provision made for pupils with SEND

Supporting the school to evaluate and develop quality and impact of provision for pupils with SEN across the school.

Pastoral Support:

Tubbenden has a Family Support Worker, a Learning Mentor and a Counsellor as part of our regular in school support network for pupils. This team, working under the direction of the Inclusion Manager supports attendance, the development of pupils’ emotional wellbeing and social skills to enhance their independence, self-esteem and confidence and removing barriers to emotional wellbeing and learning.