Tubbenden Primary School

Policies and Procedures

This school operates to a number of statutory and non-statutory Trust-wide and school-specific policies:

Trust-Wide Statutory Policies:

​Please follow the link below to reference all Trust-wide statutory policies that apply to this school. This includes the Admissions Policy, the Complaints Procedure and others.

SOLAMAT Policies

School-Specific Statutory Policies

​The following statutory policies are school-specific and outline arrangements in place and ratified by the Local Governing Body, for our School: 

Behaviour Policy

Tubbenden School Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

Other School Policies

Tubbenden also operates the following policies. If you would like access to any additional school policies that are not listed, please contact the School Office on officetps@solamat.co.uk to request a copy.

Home Learning Policy

School Uniform