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Tubbenden Primary School

Tubbenden Friends Association

Your Tubbenden Friends Association is made up of parents/carer and teachers at the school. As soon as your child joins the school, you will automatically become a member! 

The Committee is led by the amazing Paula Grace who has been Chair for the last 3 years and built on the strength of our previous committees to lead a very team.  The rest of the committee is consists of parents as well as some of our dedicated teachers at the school.  Please visit our ‘Get To Know Your Committee’ page to find out more about your committee. 

Our Aims

Will appear here shortly…

Get Involved

Volunteering- The TFA is well run by volunteers and welcomes anyone who would like to get involved, whether it be to bake delicious cakes for our termly cake sales or run a stall at one of our many events. If you would like to volunteer your time, please contact Rebecca Lancett on

Become a class rep– We aim to have an allocated rep for all classes across the school.  Class reps are instrumental in helping to communicate key dates and reminders for those dress down charity days and generally keep our social communication going! You would also be responsible for organising class meet ups to help parents get to know each other better outside of the school gates.  We aim to recruit class reps by the end of the first month of the academic year.  If you would like to know more about becoming a class rep, please email

Register for easy fundraising – We all purchase goods online at some point during the year.  By registering for easy fundraising a percentage of what you spend at certain retailers will go to our charity.  Register on to make your purchases count!

Matched Funding– If the company you work for kindly offers matched funding for any fundraising events you have been involved in at the school, please contact our treasurer Jo at to discuss further.

Donate your used uniform– We all know how expensive it can get to purchase school uniform, especially if you have multiple children at school.  To help raise further funds and save you some money, please consider donating any uniform in good condition for our uniform sales via to Blue Bins under the bike shelter next to the small hall (infant side). 

Our Fundraising successes

All parents/careers and teachers have contributed in some way to raise money for our school.  As well as agreeing to fund regular school events (reception books, year 2 recorder lessons and year 6 first aid training), at the end of the 2017/2018 academic year the committee worked with the Governors to agree fundraising targets for specific projects.  We are very proud to have provided grants to the school for all of the agreed projects!

Project – 2018/2019 academic year


EYFS - Furniture/role play/book area £1,000
EYFS - Wooden Ship replacement £1,210
EYFS - Early Years Outdoor Area Grant £6,000
Music - Drumtronics £2,300
Music - Recorder Lessons £3,000
Music - Band on the Run Lessons £1,200
Music - BYMT Band Practice £1,500
Music - Year 2 Recorders £400
Reception Welcome Books £650
Grant for Interactive White Boards £7,455.45
Year 6 First Aid Course/Leavers Books £263 (net figure after VAT and reception book savings)



Our Events!

Please see below for a list of our upcoming events.  If you would like to help organise one of these events or find out more please contact

The school are very excited to announce a brand new Summer Music Festival set to take place on 6thJuly 2019 from 4-8pm! Further information on tickets, etc will be communicated in the coming weeks.




Thursday 28th March  Mother’s Day Sale
Friday 29th March  Mother's Day Sale
Friday 29th March  Cake & Uniform Sale
Friday 26th April  Cake & Uniform Sale
Wednesday 1st May Sponsored Bounce (In School event)
Friday 10th May  Family Disco
Thursday 13th June Father's Day Sale
  Father's Day Sale
Friday 14th June
Friday 14th June  Cake & Uniform Sale
Sat 6th July Summer Music Festival