Tubbenden Primary School

Multi agency working


Nature of the support - For most of these agencies, school can make a referral if required and will follow their recommendations after specialist assessments

Bromley Speech and Language Service Private Speech therapists

Speech and Language Therapy helps children with their understanding and talking.  We work with children, families, carers and staff in pre-schools and schools, to help children's communication skills.  We give practical advice and support through training for families, teachers and staff.  We also provide support for children with swallowing difficulties.

Community paediatricians- Paediatric services based at the Phoenix Centre

The paediatrician assess a child's development and reports their findings to the school.  Parents can access the Paediatrician via their GP.  The Educational Psychologist usually makes the recommendation to involve the paediatrician as necessary.

School Nursing Team

The school nursing team support schools with advice about medical needs and support in collating care plans.

Bromley Wellbeing

Bromley Wellbeing is a self-referral service which is a single point of access for the emotional wellbeing of young people under the age of eighteen living in Bromley.  These teams help us to support pupils overcome difficulties that they may be facing.


Phoenix Children's Resource Centre, Bromley CAMHS see families and treat families as a unit where there are pupils presenting mental health concerns.

Inclusion Support Advisory Service (ISAT)

The ISAT support and advise the parents and staff.

The Complex Needs Team

The complex needs team provide specialist teacher advice and support for children and young people (CYP) 4 -25 years of age with an education, health care plan (EHCP) in mainstream schools and specialist sector.

Bromley Children's Project

The project is a borough wide service that supports families living in Bromley to create a safe, secure and happy environment for all children, by reaching out to expectant parents, current parents and young people aged up to 18 years; particularly those who are struggling and are in need of additional help.  BCP co-ordinate different parenting courses for different needs.

Educational Psychology Service

An Educational Psychologist is allocated to schools for planning and assessment visits.  She supports our school on a range of issues observing children, assessing them and meeting with parents providing parents and staff with advice.

Occupational Therapy

This service offers child-focused assessment and practical advice and therapy to children and young people who experience difficulties with their daily occupations due to a physical and/or learning disability.


We offer assessment, advice and therapy for children and young people with physical difficulties or disabilities.  This can include support, instructions and consultations for parents and carers and others that may be involved with you or your child (such as teachers and other health professionals).

Private play therapist/counsellor

Our play therapist and counsellor offers support for children who are experiencing difficulties


We offer provision to support children in all four main areas of SEN which are identified in the New SEN Code of Practice (DfE 2015).