Tubbenden Primary School

Art and Design Technology


Through the curriculum at Tubbenden, children recognise the value of art in its many forms. Art throughout time has been influenced by the context in which it was produced and therefore gives us a fantastic insight into the lives of people in the past as well as life in different places. Art also helps children to express themselves and bring their ideas to life. In teaching children different skills through a range of different media, we help them to choose which is the most appropriate for the task at hand.


At Tubbenden the children progress their artistic skills through teaching in five main areas; Drawing, Painting, Printing, Textiles/Collage, and 3-D form (e.g. sculpture). Children build upon the skills they learned in previous years and they investigate different kinds of art, craft and design from a variety of genres, styles and traditions, linked to their topics. Children explore similarities and differences between the work of artists, craftspeople and designers working in different times and cultures. Children evaluate the work they produce, say what they like about their work and the work of others, and think about what they could do differently to make their work even better. Children create pieces on their own as well as collaboratively.


Our art curriculum gives children a range of different experiences and develops their confidence in producing artworks in different media. It enables them to make informed choices on what media is most appropriate for their intended outcome, as well as help develop a preference for the types of artworks they like to produce. It gives them the skills they need to progress in Art through secondary school and beyond. They will be keen to try new things and continue to improve their skills.

Children's Artwork