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The National Curriculum for Mathematics is divided into Number and the Number System, Number Operations and Calculation, Money, Measures, Geometry and Statistics. At Tubbenden, children develop their understanding of abstract concepts in Mathematics by starting to use and understand concrete examples before moving into pictorial representations.   Fluency in Mathematics is vital so the acquisition of addition and subtraction facts as well as a fast recall of times tables is incredibly important; having this knowledge enables children to focus on new learning more efficiently and accurately.   Children at Tubbenden also develop their ability to explain and reason in Mathematics - if they are able to share what they know and justify their ideas mathematically, they are developing a deeper understanding of this important subject.  

At Tubbenden, we are embarking on developing a Mathematics Mastery approach.  Working alongside NCETM (National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics), we will be piloting aspects of  teaching in the style of Singapore schools where children successfully move through learning new concepts together and deepen their understanding rather than racing through the curriculum.  This deeper understanding will enable children to be more fluent in their factual recall, able to explain their thinking and draw on prior knowledge to solve complex problems more efficiently. 

These are exciting times for Maths at Tubbenden!

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Numeracy information provided at Maths Workshop

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Maths games websites

 Funbrain  Fun maths games that can be set to different levels of difficulty. Each ‘level’ is a different game to the one preceding it.
 PB Cyberchase  Maths games for older children although they will probably be unaware that it is ‘work’!
 Maths is Fun  Games and explanations of different concepts with child friendly illustrations
 MathSphere  Maths games for older children